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In the following format;
Full name, status, el jay:
Player's contact:
Player's el jay:

Also! Do not forget to join the community.

:D That is all.
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I have another announcement to make!

Directed to mainly those who've claimed more than one character but have yet to make a journal for them:

Make one, you big whores.

You have until next Tuesday to do so. Once you have, post them here (as in, don't instant message me them). That is all ^^.
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Character Adoption

So! You've completely lost all inspiration for a certain character, but you don't want them to just disappear from the RP.

Well, post them here, and they'll be put up for adoption! If you want to pick up an adoptable character, reply to the original owner's comment and they'll give you the password for that character's journal.

My adoptables are Aizen, Greed, and Scar.
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Shuuhei | It Was Great When It All Began

wee mod note type thing.

Okay, I don't think this topic has come up for a while, so just a little reminder for everyone about not having your character in two places at once.

It's not a hard and fast rule, because some logs can take days or weeks to complete, but in general please try not to have your character in more than one log unless either the second is backdated or the first is near completion.

Basically it's fine to start a log and say it happened between certain events a couple of days ago.

What's not quite so fine is starting a log set after another one that's nowhere near completion. This both puts your character in two places at once and it restricts the events that can then happen in the first log. For example if Character A got punched in the face in the first log, but had already started a second log set right afterwards where nobody remarked on his lovely bruise it would be a little confusing, ne?

Try and only move characters on once their logs are either nearing completion or you have a very good idea what's going to happen during it. Makes for easier reading aaand playing.

Thankyou! ♥ ♥

Note: this isn't asking anyone to change anything already done. Just for future reference!
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friend list post

Friend remove melonking
Friend remove unslashable
Friend remove bigambitions

Roy Mustang, Zaraki Kenpachi, and King Bradley are now once again available. We would REALLY appreciate a Zaraki player :D.
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An OOC community.

Going away for a while? Have something that you would like to say, a quote that you would like to save? Was there a chat one night that was so hilariously funny that you just had to put it somewhere? You drew fanart, wrote a drabble/or fanfiction for the community? Want to post up a random meme or quiz?

afterlifeinabox. All of the above, and whatever else that I forgot to mention that is ooc to the game, goes here~!


The following is a list of members who have not posted in over a month.

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If you’re name is listed on the above and you're still with us, comment here so we know to keep you.

If one of the following already have an account made and I just missed it, post them here <3.

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